Dating App Oversharing

Anyone whose used a dating app has seen it before – the over-sharer. Heck, you’ve probably done it, I know I have.

The problem with this approach is – you scare people away and give away your whole hand. I mean, think about it. If you met someone the “old fashioned” way, i.e., in person someplace, you wouldn’t go up to them and say “hi, I’m Bob, I just lost eighty pounds and my ex of seven years recently dumped me for another man” would you?

If the answer is yes, you’re looking for a very specific person you will not quickly find. If no – don’t do it on your profile!

If you post a pic with a potential ex (those of us viewing your profile can’t tell if it’s an ex or a sibling) you might as well be shouting – I’m not over my ex!

Everyone has camera access everywhere! It is not difficult to take new pictures and it will make you feel like you’re moving forward not backward.

Every single time I created a new dating profile (after a few months of realizing that fact) I took a day to take new pictures, even if it had just been a break from an app. It made it feel new, and I didn’t feel like I was recycling what I offered previously.

Using the same photo is a great way to brand, but your not branding yourself to your potential future mate, you’re showing the you not meant for everyone. You wouldn’t send a professional photo to a boyfriend/girlfriend/prospect. So don’t post one as your dating self.

So don’t over share in your bio or in your photos. Photo over sharing is a common mistake. Take a lazy selfie in your messy bedroom – over share. Get lazy and don’t properly edit someone out, it’s literally a click on an app like PhotoRoom (no not making money on that, the app is just so worth the time and totally free) – over share. Decide you only have time for a car selfie – over share.

These things are so simple. No – we don’t want your crazy filtered face – another rule (mostly for the ladies) of photos – we know you don’t look like a Disney Princess, you ain’t fooling anyone. But a decent light filter is not a no-no. Cropping someone out vs the dreaded smile emoji over the face – improvement.

Put some effort in if you want that in return. It’s not a business resume but it is a similar concept. So keep it short and simple, clear and concise, but add some personality. I’d you don’t know how – stay tuned, or ask for advice.

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