Things I Learned on Dating Apps

I’ll make this simple like my recipes. No need for a back story here, I can give those for miles. Basics of getting a right swipe vs. guaranteed left:

  • Never post a picture with a group of people
  • No pics with a colored or covered up face, basically – only solo pictures of you
  • No mask pictures
  • Don’t write a story for your bio – short and simple with a touch of personality
  • Don’t lie about your age
  • Don’t put the part about wanting or not wanting marriage or kids – it’s too damn early
  • Don’t ignore prompt questions if you use them, unless you do it clearly humorously and ironically
  • Don’t use too many or too few pics – four is about perfect
  • Don’t mention your parents
  • Don’t put some ridiculous or braggy job title up
  • No one cares what songs you recently listened to
  • Never send a one word greeting
  • If they respond with one word – unmatch
  • Never accept a person across dating apps – unless you talked about it already
  • If you’re poly – people don’t always know that – be clear
  • Write something in your bio to provoke curiosity, it’ll get you more swipes
  • Don’t super like or any of that bs, it’s weird
  • Never send more than two messages without a response, let it go
  • Don’t go cyber stalk the person, no one likes that
  • Don’t give them your social media handles, unless you’re an influencer or it’s your job
  • If someone says something off or inconsistent – unmatch! There’s too many options out there.

Feel free to ask specific questions, I enjoy helping people improve their dating profiles. After many failures, they eventually worked for me. They can for you too😊

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