Breaking Into Reddit

I am slowly adapting to the value of reddit. Mostly because it is a great place to post things that would be to specified for my blog or for a whole post.

A part of my background I don’t talk about much is the time when I struggled with homelessness and PTSD. I won’t go into detail, but as I was all alone with no help, I had to learn to be mentally strong and creative in survival, with all the odds stacked against me.

You have possibly derived, I am well educated and was in a very good career for a while, albeit detrimental to my health. I have never struggled with substance abuse, luckily, nor been a danger to myself or others. However, Covid took its toll on me as did the dating world of absolute psychopaths.

So, if you or someone you know is struggling with making ends meet, finding free resources, or happen to have some experiences yourselves to share that could benefit those going through tough times, check out my reddit. Not any kind of promotion at all, just a place to share information.

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