An Excerpt

She could hear him, she knew it. She was so close. It was deep into the fall night. The cat was near, but on his own adventure. She had finally broken through the thick plastic-lined carpeting that adorned the vehicle’s metal floor. 

She had pulled into the field hours ago. Her car was no longer pristine. The few tools she carried with her for an emergency had been used in every attempt to free him from the undercarriage. 

Her desperation overtook the fear that could’ve easily stopped her from this endeavor. They had told her he was trapped in there and she must get him out. 

She had failed her mission at her apartment. The hours, weeks, sleepless nights, spent adhering to their demands. Trying desperately to solve their puzzle, had exhausted her. She was covered in bruises, gouges, and deeper wounds from the physical challenge of utilizing her small frame to carry out intense tasks. Tasks they told her to do, tasks they detailed, but without any direct promise of an end.

She had become obsessed. Unable to do anything but what they told her to do. She stopped caring what others thought, she didn’t even notice them anymore. If she didn’t fulfill their bidding, she would never be free. All she wanted was to free him, to stop another being trapped by these monsters. Invisible threats, with nothing but voices and the innate power to control surroundings.

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