Fish – Excerpt

She heard a snore. Her eyes slowly opened. She rarely heard such a sound. She knew her time to act was short. 

He never slept, she couldn’t figure out how, but it likely had something to do with the large box of prescriptions he kept in reach of his chair. The chair was the only vantage point in the apartment. He kept her in the bedroom. Requiring her to pass directly within eyesight of the chair, over a table and past the kitchen area. He kept the floor littered with trash, cans and wrappers. 

She had tried to straighten up, he didn’t like it. There was no way to get through the door even if he was asleep. If she opened the door, the dog would run out faster than her. She was easily twice her size, despite the starving he had implemented on them. Three days of no food.

Not only that but she had been sick. Viciously sick. She never got sick, she prided herself on that. She had been throwing up every ounce of water she managed to swallow.

The little food he rationed her, she had snuck to the dog. A large, kind golden retriever, who slept constantly by her side. For that, she was grateful. When the dog slept with her, he could not come near her without effort. This kept him off her.

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