I love the term “ghosted”, it’s something everyone is guilty of, but everyone also screams bloody murder over when you become the one ghosted. Go figure.

Don’t think you’ve ghosted someone? Think again, liar. Ghosting is not exclusive to someone you’re romantically talking to. You can ghost a friend, family member, you can ghost a person you didn’t even know felt you ghosted them.

Now, we simply have a term for it, is all. In reality, ghosting allows us a way to slowly, or quickly, dip out out of something we didn’t want to be a part of anymore.

Originally, maybe you ghosted friends that didn’t fit into your life anymore. Maybe it was a flame that turned into a full on stalker that had to go. Now, it’s just easier. When all you (maybe) know is someone via messages and potentially fake/real photos…it’s so easy to drop that person from the list when something better comes along (or for me, when their mom tells you to run).

Ghosting season is in, along with cuffing season to come – so get those ghosts in before you’re stuck with a floppy, bad gift giving cuff. That is all.

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