When it comes down to it, our orbits can only be so significant. Whether we choose to connect in person, find new people either online or in social settings, or simply “anonymously” interact online – we will end up intersecting with the same circles.

That’s all the six degrees of separation thing tries to convey.

Think about it.

You may think your writing, your posting, you speaking – evolves. It does, but not dramatically enough for it not to be you. You will always have a signature to your words.

Maybe you improve your style, dress it up, simplify it, mixup the content. You will still sound like you to those who have read you or heard you. There is always something that gives you away.

That’s not a bad thing. That’s the thing that makes you stand out. That will show you what you have to offer. It takes honing and tuning, but we all have a aura that is uniquely ours. Some of us may be multifaceted some may be one trick ponies.

But that’s your unique signature. And despite the growing masses of humans, you will see yourself finding a certain number of the same individuals that you inevitably desire in your life in some way.

Embrace it, because when you realize you found your people in different arenas you realize you do have more people in your life that matter and whom you matter to.

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