Time for a Post

Yea I figured it was. I haven’t been so peoty recently, except like right as I’m falling asleep and too lazy to type the words. So I just say the poems to the baby in progress.

So this will be more of an update as to the life things. Family drama on my side. Luckily, I don’t associate with those psychos. Except mama – who has decided she may be too wild to meet baby daddy’s family. As she thinks she became a gun toting hunter and gambler recently.

News to me.

Weddings sound like the death of love just from second hand experience. Hopefully the execution is better than the planning.

May be fostering smol kittens soon. Also, found out that some girls use the term “smol kitten” to describe boys they crush on…no comment.

Was just brought a three pound omelet made with an odd combination of things, because I am basically being fed all of the things, as that’s what a first time dad-to-be feels is necessary to grow a baby.

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