I have long been a content creator and assessor. I’m not big on wasting my time on useless content.

If I don’t like something I read, I stop reading it and critique it. If I don’t like something I’m writing I scrap it and start over.

If I don’t like something I’m watching, I stop watching it. And if I do like something – I search out the creator.

I want to follow people who create original content. I don’t want to steal from them (ha! I have enough ideas) , I don’t want to imitate them, I want to appreciate them and know where their inspiration comes from.

That said – I love calling out content copy cats. To put your own spin on content is one thing. To outright steal and claim it as your own – well, I feel sorry for you. Is this how people get rich? Sure. Have I ever seen wealth lead to happiness – nope.

So find your own spin or don’t. But some of us value true creativity. And some of us happily starve as artists, knowing we didn’t have to take the low road.

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