Border Wars – Excerpt

Odella walked barefoot in the dirt. The grass that used to grace this land had been burned and trampled down to resemble the rest of the formerly beautiful state. 

Being on the coast stateside had been rough, she had known nothing else. Her mother used to speak of the houses and marshes. The dolphins that would play alongside the coastal cafes, laughing as they sipped sweet tea and sangria.

She saw some photos her mother had kept. Her wide, white smile shined beneath a colorful brimmed straw hat. Sundress swayed in the breeze.

Her toes squished rough rubble and tiny rocks, she imagined it was sand, white and soft. She hadn’t seen her tribe for a week now. She hesitantly chose to take a leave, unlikely ever to be allowed to return. She had grown stir crazy. They were making no progress.

The border wars continued, borders had become as small as neighborhoods. Twenty people at best in some tribes, fighting for every inch of land. Like children in a shared room stepping a toe over an invisible line.

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