Twitter Hacks

So just in case you didn’t know, there is one reason to use Twitter – gain followers to sell shit. Or services. That’s all, it’s always about money.

I used to enjoy using Twitter as a place to make funny banter with like minded people. That Twitter died.

So I began two accounts- one to follow and gain followers as quickly as possible by being nice, posting inspirational quotes, following back, and actually building (albeit fake) an audience. The other- to actually use Twitter how I enjoy it.

See, back in 2020 I became the first female LinkedIn live streamer. Yea, very exciting right? Well, it was then as their process of approval was quite drawn out and difficult. People who were actually in the entertainment business were fighting for it, and I was granted it thanks to my semi success on twitch.

I soon thereafter left LinkedIn permanently. Literally, never went back. After performing a very difficult to find, sit down stand up, live routine and breaking up with the service, giving up a coveted spot, due to their lack of fairness in granting other females live stream channels.

I know they did not approve verifiable females as I helped some in my group,Game of Content, submit applications.

I co-moderated Game of Content with a friend who I met when I joined the group after googling the best way to gain a large following on LinkedIn.

I hadn’t been on LinkedIn since 2009 before that. All of 50 followers from college to boast. By the third month on the service, I had live access, interviews on how to gain followers, offers to coach and speak, and 5000+ followers growing daily.

Not just that, but most of my followers were very high up in my industry and in business in general. I had access to people I never would have in any other social media.

So back to Twitter. My “good” (gainer) profile after two days is at nearly 300 followers, minimal effort and strong one sided (not chosen by me) political affiliation. My “evil” (desired) account is at a solid 38. And those people I actually like and interact with. Not that I dislike the others, but I don’t interact with them like I do the others.

Quantity’s impact

That said, I grew my last Twitter, MY Twitter, to over 1000 followers completely organically, took me months, but people interacted, listened, I knew them.

The only way to Twitter space host is by gaining 1000. To get subscriptions you have to have 10,000. So tell me what is the point of giving profiles with mass followers who do not intend to host spaces or care about subscribers, this sort of platform?

To keep people watching the same content over and over.

LinkedIn was the same way. Influencers do not become influencers because they are actually good at anything except spamming a formula. Unless they are.

I have a formula for each platform.

Twitch took me 60 days+ to gain affiliate status. The second go around 11 days.

My hope? Raise awareness and hope that maybe she stop following the heard. Or we get some wolves up in here and they put on the sheeps’ clothing for a bit to change the content issue in social media.

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