Illuminated – An Exerpt

The light shone like a faint star in a city polluted sky. Barely noticeable without strain and deep concentration. Though the pollution no longer derived from the Illumination of populous high rises, the reason behind the brightness was much darker.

He moved forward, crouching low behind the roadside foliage. Though he saw no movement around, that meant little. The sight of a light man made could prove ominous or hopeful. He knew not which would result from his curiousity.

He briefly saw a shadow of a figure pass by the faint glow. Likely a man, slender and tall. Not many left outside of the capitals were thick these days. At least, since he had seen coverage of the latest news months back.

Being centralized in the state, he was safer than many. No border guards, no traps, unlikely to encounter random attacks. He was not in areas that belonged to tribes, not unless their holds had expanded.

He wore no shoes, he had left them behind long before, allowing calluses to form on his bare feet. Shoes brought on noise and attracted attention. Anything that made one stand out as having materials made one sought after prey. Not that just existing didn’t open a person up to attack, regardless of location. 

No one trusted anyone. So seeing someone clearly displaying a man made light was either a trap or it belonged to someone vulnerable. He intended to determine which.

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