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I see so many people who create content to monetize it, to get popular, to become an influencer, or some other superficial reason.

That mindset has been bringing the quality of content dramatically down and the quantity of content skyrocketing high – meaning it’s wasting most consumers time and money.

As I have said before – business has one goal: to a make money. I personally prefer providing value to myself and to my audience out of the PASSION FOR CREATING.

Would it be lovely if I could monetize it? Yes! But, I will not sacrifice my quality and my pleasure of creation to make money. I will work hard for hours at menial jobs, to create on my dime. And I will not use my disability to beg y’all for money (that’s the government’s job, but they fail at that like everything).

So when I see people post just to post, it makes me sad.

I have tried it in the past and it made me feel sick to my stomach for providing something I would not want to consume.


I may take inspiration from things, but I do not release other people’s content unless it is in promotion of them, as I like what they are providing enough to share with y’all.

I have always considered those who care enough to look at what I make or say, my friends. As such, I will not sell you on my content, I will not Amazon you into monthly fees, I will not be a successful ass influencer or big box company.

I will be making minimum wage at best and enjoying everything I have collected and made over the years so that I can share it with my future children. I will take my old memes and “clip” them, I will take my old photos and videos and decoratively place them on posts, I will make this my digital memory book. Not a diary, not a blog, not advice (though biggest may be derived from it), not instructions.

This is for me and those who like what I have to show. If you want to support me or want me to make something for you – I happily will!

But know also, I believe in paying what is fair. I don’t like to name a price. Value is measured by those who own the particular thing they purchase. So if you want a piece of art or writing, name your price. If you want to contribute to my inspiration – leave an idea or topic (no charge!)

I don’t tip a server who does a poor job as well as one who does a good job, and I have been a server many times. Tip if you feel it is deserved. If you are broke like me tip with kind words or a like.

I love seeing likes, not for the validation, because I know I like something I see or read ONLY IF I actually saw value in it.

If I get halfway through and don’t finish it or get bored, I don’t like it. That would be unfair to the creator.

So use your content for value not monetary gain. Your followers can tell a fake from an artist.

7 responses to “Scrapbook Blogging”

  1. 🙂 You are right when you said that our followers can tell a fake from an artist.

    I would agree that some people are publishing rubbish for the sake of making extra money with their monetized blogs.

    In all fairness, there are bloggers with monetized blogs that publish high-quality content on their blogs.

    I am not into monetizing my blog, yet I maintain a high standard.

    I am a personal blogger, not a business-related blogger.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day and keep blogging.

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    1. Thank you! I agree completely. I have found that I just haven’t yet (if I ever may) found my niche I guess, when it comes to something I am willing to do strictly as blogging for monetization. One day perhaps!

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  2. I didn’t know money could be made from blogging until only recently. I haven’t really checked it out since I don’t have a particular niche, anyway. I write for my children. 😊

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    1. That’s great! I think it’s a wonderful way of venting, creating, drafting, and just getting some words out there maybe someone can enjoy😊

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      1. Oh, yeah. True! I actually started blogging because of a narcissist I encountered and I wanted to make people aware of their dangerous behaviors.

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        1. All too many like that around, good for you!

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          1. Thank you! 💐


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