The Wind

I woke upon a gentle breeze
After the year had brought me ease
I knew not why the wind had changed
Why my life it rearranged

Three years I floated along the ride
Fearing much with need to hide
The gentle breeze blew me up here
Close to find but not too near

It knew this was my final place
Looking my future in the face
Had lost all hope within the storm
But now my destiny keeps me warm

A winter man in winter world
The darkness inside me unfurled
As the white of snow I feared
His warmth slowly neared

My trust had emptied me into a husk
A blew to him upon a new year dusk
A stranger I should not have met
But that moment he will not forget

Forgot it I, drink wrought me drown
But still he stayed as I lay round
He spoke of curious preference
To this I could not reference

But his voice was calm his face so sweet
His manner got me to my feet
He came around the day to follow
I found he was not like the hollow

Brought me to life a bit each day
Put the desire to flee at bay
Surprises that I’d never known
Made the solitude feel like home

The man showed me to feel once more
The world for me had more in store
Gifted me with life anew
And with time that life grew

Before he left me he promised “Miss,
I part just now not with a kiss,
I will return to you once more,
As you have shook me to the core.”

The winter man a core of ice?
But was that behind his being nice?
“No Miss,
I’ll return back to you,
As I have before and will forever do.”

To this day I don’t believe
From him I’ll see this, he’ll deceive.
He hasn’t yet left me for good,
But sometimes maybe I think he could.

I wait upon my winter man
I’ll wait for him as long as I can.

3 responses to “The Wind”

  1. I have a feeling there’s something better on the way. In the meantime, love yourself well.

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  2. Beautifully written ❤️

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