Want – An Excerpt



She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, and arose from the rough blanket she used to shield her eyes from the bright lights of the cell. Being in a cell had sounded as though it would be dark, not so, though slightly darker now that she had found out how to turn the lights down a full seventeen days into her stay.


The door unlatched as she slipped her shoes on. No need to dress, she had only been naked once since arriving here on the max block. She slid the book she used as a door stop into the wedge of the door opening, and emerged from the heavy metal door that read “this too shal pass” scrawled in childlike scribble.

Today was pancake day – her favorite. The word “favorite” had been growing more ironic for over a year now. It’s funny when you lose everything – she was impressed with how she was able to adapt so well to consider anything a favorite, let alone smile at the irony.

Standing in line silently, she glanced at the bookcase, nothing new today. She glanced back to her feet. She rose her gaze as she approached the guard, grabbed her tray from the top of the pile and thanked him quietly. She was the only one who ever thanked them.

“Thank you” was all she ever said, unless asked a question, which was rare. She knew it made her unpopular, but she was already unpopular, at least the guards caught wind of feeding her now.

She held tight to the tray as she returned to her cell, her bunkie was still asleep. Laura would wake up for breakfast some days, but not often. She thought of Laura as the “rich girl” in jail, another irony.

She was surprised how her mouth salivated at the breakfast of a square piece of dense bread with blueberry-esque bits in it, the tiny pool of gold liquid similar to syrup, a square of oatmeal and a spoon. She satin hermit on the floor and quickly devoured the meal.

She had one strong food aversion before this experience, she had always hated syrup. Now, she adored every last drop, supping it up with the last morsel of dry bread.



She arose, slid the book into the wedge and brought her tray to the cart, with a quiet “thank you”. She then returned to her cell. Before she closed the door she heard a voice, irate, she knew who it was. Cee, she was at the other end of the block, and she was clearly displeased with something.

Cee had outbursts often enough to be known for them. Before she could turn around she heard a tray slam to the floor and Cee scream, she closed her cell as she watched at least a dozen guards come up and tackle Cee to the ground. Three large male guards seized her arms and legs and immobilized her.

Cee would be going to the pit today. Solitary.

It was 6:17am.

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