Business Degrees

Believing anything is legit these days, or any days for that matter, is living in a fantasy world.

When I went to business school, I wish my warden who called himself my father told me that it was an education for crooks. I’d have been better off joining a brothel or the mob.

Instead I studied my favorite subject – ethics in business – and realized that only the unsuccessful business majors enjoyed the most ironic class in the lot.

There is no ethical businessman. That is an oxymoron or a poor person. Business is intended to make money, not to sell the best product or service for the best value. To make the most money off of the product or service you can provide with the most income potential and least investment in time, people, and resources.

And the you call it legitimate because the perfectly ethical government gets paid by you for a stamp a approval, via taxes and business costs.

Being in the generation of business majors – we produced a generation of system followers. A useless major to those who went to college to have a college experience (wish I had) or those like me who realized they spent thousands and thousands of dollars to study how to be and not be a crook.

So take the lesson – party your ass off or become a proper crook. If you enjoy that ethics class – get your party on!

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