Wandering through the door ahead
Many times wondered to where it led
A garden like Alice?
Or maybe a palace?

There’s only one way to know

With key in hand
Perhaps another land
Or perhaps not
What a thought

There’s only one way to show

She clutched the key
Excited to see
What lie behind the lock
Time was on her side
With nothing to hide
Ready to go tick tock

Turn to hear the release
She now could not cease
Her time to go was here
Pushing the door
Padding the floor
So soon it would be clear

A breeze touched her face
With delicate grace
Her hair brushed back no flaw
What she saw
She’ll forever recall
Because the world ahead would cease

As she stepped ahead
The door that led
Behind her disappeared
There was nothing to see
As virtually
The color all was cleared

With each step
She slowly wept
As her colors began to fade
She realized now
She hadn’t thought how
Big a mistake she’d made

7 responses to “Timeline”

  1. Sometimes we do something we can never undo and that can be tough. This is a fantastic and poetic description of that. Well written!

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    1. I love this! You nailed it

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Uuuummm … intriguing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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