In a world of color she liked to play
Fantastic rhymes she loved to say
Each day anew for this young mind
Always a thrill was yet to find

She ties her shoes, a perfect bow
Today’s journey would take her low
To pry and peek
Something to seek
Adventure lay ahead today
She knew her life no other way

All alone was all she knew
Gaining confidence as she grew
A secret door
She’d found before
Revisiting the intricate lock
She knew her path it could not block

She munched on a snack
She pulled from her pack
And read the book on lock picking
Careful as she listened for clicking

A tick tick click
Another stick
She turned the prod
And with a nod
She felt it release
Her mind at ease

She grabbed the knob
Heart began to throb
Intense curiosity grew
What lay beyond she would soon view

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