I cut another slice, no device, a simple slice. Made from me just to see, if it could possibly be. The final that I chop, one last bit to lop. Off my being, instead of fleeing. Give it all that’s my call.

I feel the slice, may salve someone’s vice. Maybe be that part, taken to heart. To allow another to become the mother, father, sister, brother.

To be something more, than what is in store. For I am just meat, a slice meant to eat. Nothing more that fodder for sure.

Slice and slice, cut and dice. Mince me prince so that I might be you delight. Not just tonight. But evermore, for you I’ll bore more meat to eat. A feast at least. And let that be my legacy.

2 responses to “Slice”

  1. Dark yes, and I loved it! Keep doing you, it’s perfect🙂🙌☮️💜

    Liked by 1 person

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