Another Chapter


The call came at midnight.

He has been awaiting it for weeks. His militia was one of the first assigned to regional duty. He had been trained by the Army at eighteen. Now, at 34, he would fight for his locality.

War this time around wasn’t for the boys, it required men, grown and knowledgeable. His generation was stronger than those of today’s youth. When it came to recruitment, the states could choose their own methods. In the Northeast, they looked for two things, loyalty and strength of will.

He boasted both with pride. He also had no family to speak of. A father long past with whom he had never bonded. A mother cruel and careless, who called every few months for some cash to feed her heroin habit.

The alarm bell had sounded weeks before. The calls had come for the First Wave, the men, oldest and wisest, who were to tackle strategy. The states had devised different tactics to fight their battles. Ever since the the biowarfare had fired up again, distrust in the formerly united nation had led to small factions creating plans.

The east coast had been the first to fall. They chose cessation and he was glad for it. Word of the spread of cessation blazed through the nation like wild fire. Especially in the east. Washington DC was the first to go. Overrun by surrounding states, the headlines read “Takeover!” As bushmen and Appalachian tribes came out of hiding to ambush leaders they hated.

That was the difference in this war. The People’s War, some called it. In a way it was the most united war fought by the states, despite the war’s purpose of cessation from the capitol.

The states, and now, some regions, were equally outraged at the continued lack of foresight and diminished allocation of proper resources by their government. And the many banded up separately but equally against the few.

At the start, the states had worked together to overthrow the government. Electing militia leaders among themselves, whilst coordinating with surrounding states to ensure the takeover establish what they wanted – freedom from a federal government. Past that, peace would exist no more.

Now those in the Second Wave were called. Called to arms, this call meant the fighting among states had begun. The real war was beginning.

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