For Naught

Why do we wait upon the broken system? Have we no choice, but to be the victim? They say the resources are all around. To ask for help that is easily found.

When you need help the most you don’t have the time. And if you have time it’s never sublime. It’s waiting, debating, irating, and hating.

You sweat and you strife just to uphold a semblance of life. If you are all alone, no where you call home. You live to survive, like a bee in a hive, dedicated to the queen. Giving life with no meaning.

So you toil and think, will I soon reach the brink? Humanity, insanity to believe there is relief. Wake up to crumbs, sleep to not feel, pangs of stress and of hunger. While the wealthy dine and drink fine wine, poor die in streets. Women carry life, continue their strife.

But you must make a choice, but no one hears your voice. So to choose is to lose, for winning was never an option.

One response to “For Naught”

  1. Heartbreaking post but so true. The world is a tough place and often it seems there is no way to win.

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