Excerpt from Plight WIP

Plight Chapter One

The hour was young, still dark despite being the longest day of the season. She felt the crisp grass, dewy from the morning watering, crunch between her toes as she padded lightly.

Her hair was in disarray from passing gnarled tree limbs in her night blindness. The sliver of rising sunlight seeped through nooks of leafless space. Her dress had torn, a large stretched hole bore a few inches of thigh.

She could see the clearing up ahead, but needed to be sure she was at last alone. She ducked down beside a tree trunk, inspecting her wounded right knee, barely able to see the gouge but aware of its magnitude.

She was exhausted, but her light frame allowed her to delicately finger and toe hold her way up through bark and branches. She scanned the horizon, lifting her head only slightly above the leaves. The sun was rising quickly now, it’s rays beaming light glittering the dew topped blades.

She saw the wall ahead. Few knew of the structure’s weakness, difficult to spot and even more so to directly recall. It was hidden for a reason, going past the wall was strictly forbidden.

Before she lost him, she had never even contemplated the reasoning for such secrecy about their seclusion. After the Reckoning, the Base protected them. She had, as they all had, respected and appreciated those who fought to get them to safety.

She carefully descended the trunk, wincing as her wound grazed a tiny sharp branch. A trickle of blood wept down her leg. She felt the grass with a toe and lowered herself. She ripped the remaining portion of damaged cloth from her dress, the bleeding wasn’t too bad yet, but a tourniquet would help.

As she tied the satin, pulling tight as she could, a faint sound traveled toward her with the breeze. The hair on her arm prickled up as she slowly loosened her grip on the cloth and craned her neck.

It was clearly a voice, but she could not tell the distance nor the details of the speech.

No echo of footfall came. The voice spoke in a whispered tone, a boy, not a man, alone likely speaking to himself and unmoving. What was someone doing out here this early? She had chosen this hour decidedly for the likelihood of company was next to impossible.

Best not to let her curiosity interfere, she had to reach the wall before morning horn.

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