The lies unspoken 
Between two broken
No longer intact
Had not kept their pact.

The whispers were willing
Inside of them killing
A light once so bright
From days of delight.

Years past since they shone
No longer alone
More lonely than ever before
Ever since they washed up to shore.

From the sea of curiosity
To commit an atrocity
One that led to a shallow grave
All the way for it they pave.

Bricks of gold
Could never hold
More than a cursed
And then disbursed.

Dismembered fantasy alive
A fiction in which they dive
Full fledged and awake
But not for either’s sake.

Her hand trembles
Cup of tea
His eyes are lost
Sad at sea.

Inside this dwelling
Their ever telling
Silent sound is all around.

But to this day they’re never found.

4 responses to “Lighthouse”

  1. Did you paint/draw this?

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    1. Yes, I do all of my own art work.

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  2. Fantastic poem, you can feel the lost love and awkwardness. The part of the shallow grave was what gripped me the most.

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  3. Thank you for following my blog. I look forward to reading yours.

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