The Window

Most would not guess, but often I distress my choice to be a voice. To use that which I knew, to allow all to view; my life with such ease. Never will it cease, to amaze me still, that I did this at will.

I chose to market myself, not sit on a shelf. To dox at the start, just to stand apart. But to allow the world to see, what I may just be.

A window to life, leads to distrust and strife. You can try to return, but you already learned; the smoke show is naught, once reality is sought.

But i know how it goes, when knowledge to seek flows. I know how to find you but I chose not to. I did it for pay, I did it my way. But as I don’t want your info, it held no value to me. I respect privacy.

But they do not. So I got hired on the spot. To find all that they sought. For years on my work, I thought. So I’ll do it no more. I don’t care the pay cut in store. Either one of the best or one of the rest.

I choose rest.

2 responses to “The Window”

  1. Love this painting! And the poetry is amazing!

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