Ticket Please – Part 3

“Ticket, please”
He calls to me,
Despite my ways away.
I step up my pace
To reach his place.
Just to hear him say,

“This way”
To play, is what he does not say.
The cattle and the sheep.
I move on past
But not too fast
I know if I rush, they reap.

Eyes to the ground,
No uncalled for sound.
Survival has long been the game.
Execute the plan,
As no one else can,
And no one will hear your name.

This lone mission
put me in position,
To feel the pain of all.
As I approach
Allow my hand to encroach
The thing that looks like a wall.

Many a time I have sought
To find that which I thought
To be a place for the free.
So I came to pay
And came to play,
Without realizing I lost me.

By becoming no one,
Playing was no fun.
For fun was not it’s purpose.
To train and gain
So we can’t remain
We knew.
We knew.

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