Ticket Please – Part 2

“Ticket, please”
He says to me.
A hand he opens my way.
My glance I raise
His hand I graze
As I pay again to play.

I know how it goes
So many shows,
I’ve been here far too long.
Tickets requested
Changes suggested,
But I do not belong.

The animosity
Builds my velocity
To regain the loss I knew.
Despite that I know
I cannot go
I must again start anew.

“Final stop!”
A loud announcement
Confirming the complete denouncement.
Herded like cattle, ahead lie a battle.
We knew.
We knew.

“Ticket, please”
She says to me,
A snicker graced her lips.
My cover is blown,
But that was known,
As I pass, her hat she tips.

I know not why,
That pathetic cry,
Continues to echo through me
No other sound
Seems to be around
Despite the commotion I see.

The passing faces
Joined in the races,
For which no end would be.
I shuffle along
I’m here to do wrong
After this I cannot flee.

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