Thoughts on TV

Somethings I watch in passing, noise in the background and some company in my mostly lone existence. others I watch for pure amusement, but despite the allure of a plot or drama, cannot adhere to paying my full attention to.

I don’t watch tv per se, never really have. I use it as comfort. Now, I wasn’t able to watch tv for a long time out of fear. What fear?

Fear of not hearing someone coming, fear of missing something that would put me in danger. Fear of noise.

I lived in silence.

Tv is quite pathetic to me as far as quality goes. Unfortunately, no one wants to lose their jobs and no one is willing to create for free.

Nor am I.

I will be transitioning my creativity to a platform on which I will be paid. This, I may do if I feel like it.

I have bigger things at play than this junk waster internet game.

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