Why Write

Writing is a form of art

Used by most to stand apart

The mysteries and truths unfold

Sometimes revealing that untold

Sometimes we think by jotting it down

By the weight of thought we will not drown

To drown is to allow your fate

To take you life, ultimate bait

Artists are notoriously living in pain

And a day will come when none remain

Because business men are not appreciative

Of artists with no initiative

To drive themselves into the ground

Only to let the assholes who found

They had a great talent and curiousity

For life with much velocity

But to those unhappy in the life

They put on us the artists’ strife

Our goal always was and will be

To help those in the life to see

The beauty from the joy and pain

And how much for all we could gain

If those in power cared one bit

Every artist would be fit

To share their strength and build a place

Maybe your children won’t fear to face

Think about the rage, hate, greed

Maybe change things and heed

All those useless things that never fulfilled you

Because In this life you haven’t a clue

The paper and the pixels you waste on creating greed as the human taste. Art has value beyond life, but does money? Ain’t that funny.

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