Mysteriously Obvious

Not to say that there ever was a time, but it is entirely true that time is not the present.

The world of delusions took over again. The invisible monsters that though unseen in physical being, remained a constant stream of presence in the mind.

Her mind would lull back into a time of using a quill pen to delicately feel each line of creation as it flowed naturally through her as breath. As it always had. She hadn’t much, but her mind held everything.

As a child she wrote everything in tiny composition notebooks,her pencil comedically large and boasting a pink haired troll doll at the end.

She was a curious child, but obedient. She had begun to grow enraged at her obedient self. It angered her to see how automatically she responded to direction and threat. Trained like a scared puppy.

Puppies grow into dogs. Dogs learn to beware. She had too, but as most dogs are, she was in need of company, and the easiest method in these times was to click on the internet.

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