But First A Story

I have had an interesting go at things in life. Some of that by choice, some not so much.

I have been a nomad my whole life really, I never felt “home” I felt as though I was an unwillingly placed small person into a collapsible stage of the “American dream” that was not fully researched. By those in charge.

My father told me many times “I have never gotten a job that I was qualified for” that prick. Yes, you, dad you cuffing prick. I have never gotten a job I wasn’t overqualified for and under considered and paid for.

So suck a bag of cocks and don’t excuse my language.

I also enjoy telling my father to suck a bag of cocks when he did what he did. I’m not one to call people out often, but sometimes people are inherently bad. He is. You know you are.

This went differently. So you understand me: as you know I am an artist. However, I wanted to be so much. I was allowed to be in his business. The business of corruption that was sold to me as helping our nations military.

Yes, I was sold a lie and used by a man I believe will not end up free. So stay tuned. Your guess is as good as mine, but we’re going behind the curtain now.

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