I’m not big on planning if you haven’t noticed. Mind you I was. I was a list maker, I loved finding typos in novels, I wrote business plans as my undergraduate major, and proposals on the side.

That was then. I know if I don’t read something that pops up posted immediately, I don’t read it. I know I skim most things, I know my attention can be easily drawn away.

For these reasons, I adore marketing. My approach has never been the same. Most people think specific, I think broad and big. I can think small, but I don’t tend to.

I over do everything, because there’s no surviving in business without acting. You have to be remembered, stand out, grab attention. Not wait for it.

So this is an unplan really. I enjoy doing my news bits, so those will continue. I want to make it more personalized so I am trying to get a good computer to create an internet active periodical via Twitter at the moment and eventually figure out the best method of delivery of my entertainment for those who take their time to listen or contribute in anyway.

The Unplan:

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