The Langley Art Cipher

Also known as the Kryptos sculpture is my present side task. See, as a I extremely motivated and simultaneously start way too may projects, I am using this to spring clean my content.

It is a fascinating situation here. We have a very Da Vinci Code (it actually inspired some of that) -esque ordeal here. Some of it has been “solved”. In this blogger’s opinion – this thing ain’t meant to be solved. I heard what he said (read it at least) dude doesn’t wanna ruin it – respect. That doesn’t mean it CAN’T be solved.

It can. He gave the answer to someone. Now, answer is another word I will use lightly on this one. Either way, there’s a chance to learn more and go down this rabbit hole! So, I’ll do it today, maybe continue. So far I have some concepts and will build on this adventure.

Here’s some basic info Kryptos

I have begun by researching the methods of deciphering that was used on the first three portions of the cipher.

  1. Solutions
  2. Vigenere – Code type for section 1 & 2
  3. Palimpsest – Used with Kryptos as Key in Section 2
  4. Abscissa – Used with Kryptos as key in Section 3

Now, I love research. One of the things I always do early in my research is psychological research. Now, one thing is always a weakness in any puzzle – the human factor. So I looked up Jim Sanborn.

Jim is an artist and former government worker. Well, good start for me! That is my background and he happens to have put this up at a base I frequented in my home state. Let’s go.

Jim is also a history buff – much like myself as well as the love of symbology and cryptology – I think I like this man.

Jim is also a fan of science – perfect. Now we have arrived at some conclusions.

My next step is to figure out what (if it is a word and vigenere is the code type) could be the additional word – I imagine it involves physics. Notice he uses common mathematical consistencies here too. He is directing thought to the -/+30 in the code that could reference back to the World Clock in Berlin. This clock also has a windrose painted at its base.

Another important thing about the clock is the fact that it is a icositetragon. An important shape in ciphering. My theory of the fourth code being related to physics, or likely beyond is the four pillars of importance in coding that I viewed from the multiple things I read.

He brings Q in, which could easily indicate this “finding” to be somewhere likely not as physical as we imagine. He made this in 1990, the military had technology. This I imagine he incorporated not just the physical structure, but he made an extra layer or protection.

Just like the riddle. It will lead to another. So what is the next clue? I think it is in determining why we were given clear directional hints after the directional clue gave us an indication we were close to a discovery.

I will give more back story as I go. Healing broken arm = still writing slowly.

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