Something I Rarely Say

Sometimes online interactions can be confusing. As I only see through my own eyes literally, I cannot know how others see their online interactions.

I actively try to consider things before I post them, mostly. I consider them if they are responses to people who could be reaching out for help or who are acting differently than usual. This said, I can tell my situation.

I’m sure I am not alone in the world of being internet bullied, destroyed, hacked, and otherwise shown hatred. I got a thicker and thicker skin. However, my story did not stop there. My life was destroyed by the internet’s host of horrible no good waste of breath people. Still, thank you to those who did that, I learned so much.

I have PTSD from experiences that derived from purely digital interactions that turned in different real life situations. The police don’t help you, family doesn’t believe you (generational misunderstanding), and the internet is a weapon against you.

I have worked for months to repair the reaction to triggers in online interactions so that I have less seizures and paranoia. That is tough work. So, I do listen to you, I do respond to DMs I do respect you. And if I incorrectly come at you in accusation, and it confuses you, know that is the cause. And I do apologize for being incorrect. That state of mind is horrific and it’s something’s I am building myself back out of.

So thank you to all who have supported me, been patient with me, and especially to anyone who gets anything from what I bring to the world – I hope it’s positivity, humor, beauty, and joy.


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  1. We have reaped similar what ever you may call it

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