21st Century Renaissance

The internet has been building up communities of artistic innovation now for years. With the seclusion experienced over the last few years, priorities are shifting in a way we have not seen in history.

The likenesses of past eras of innovation provide a us a vague outline of what is to be expected in such an occurrence. As a writer and artist, I adore the fact that this renaissance of creative culture is a possibility. It has been far too long since art has been revitalized.

I spent 16 years in a career field I disliked and I enjoyed my art on the side. To imagine I could influence with my art is simply a dream come true. Art is now largely digitized. We spend more time looking at screens than anything else, why wouldn’t art be on screens?

Artists are scrambling to catch up with the trends and identify their offerings that can become part of this renaissance movement.

Will physical art be desired? Will digital art be easily replicated? Pixels are easily duplicated…brushstrokes on a canvas..not so much. It is exciting whatever the resulting treasures of future anthropological studies will determine from this time of ours. But we are merely a pixel as well. Let’s see what art defines us in this time.

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