What Though

No I don’t rap with my rifle

Ain’t got two cents on that Fifle

Ish I’m just calling reckless,

Yea that rap was about cartoon

Characters who were reckless.

Nah don’t need no effectiveness

When truth is my own label

Don’t need to be a fable.

Just pass dues and give clues.

My realness is what you choose.

No required views,

Ain’t in the news,

So I chose

What I say, everyday.

Don’t dismay.

I will play,

No bars held

When I meld

My creation,

To a nation,

Nah the world,

Thoughts unfurled.



Take my life,

That’s the solution.

But I will say,

My own peace play.

Bring your own game.

We ain’t the same.

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