So what is it for

What is in store?

Fame and galore?

Heck no man what for? I keep bringing the value,

I won’t care when I wow you.

Ain’t my thing,

Need no ring,

Cause all the value I bring,

Goes to nothing

When cuffing,

Ain’t my claim,

I won’t blame,

No rap game or app site.

I know how to rope em,

Cattle I mean.

Men no way,

I can’t play

The dumb games,

Got many names.

Want no fame,

Take that blame.

I’ll just keep rappin peace,

So believe I ain’t caring about your dumb swearing.

Be more than that, cuz I won’t bat

An eye at you,

If you ain’t true.

So let’s conclude.

Just be you.

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