Just A Day

Another way to make me stay

A dollar lost, a hundred made.

Nope not right here

That’s what I fear.

I just got shafted another year.

My time is lost,

But for what cost?

I can’t control

The deepest hole

That our society

Has just lied to me.

No protection, just pure correction.

That’s what they say, fix her don’t play.

But let’s switch the theme.

Want a puppy meme?

See people love to forget.

Never a single regret.

So we play nice time.

Just forget and rhyme.

Merry go round,

So we don’t forget the ground.

Rhymes were made from fear and hate.

Of the opposers, to cope with our pain.

We create, we spill our souls and our will.

See, some creators were given accolade.

But that was all hype, I’m self made.

Been an artist since third grade.

Wish I could monetize it,

But my morals won’t realize it.

See creativity is free,

You won’t see me charge any fee.

Because my mind is for the masses,

To share the gifts I come by nature.

Who am I to keep them personally?

I won’t be selfish, hushed, or stifled.

But freely I’ll share my creativity.

And ask only that I don’t make history.

That’s just for liars, cheats, and thieves.

And I am none of these.

Become what you want to see,

So that we may be,


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