But Wait…Punchline?

If I can’t find the time

To just spit a line

I may as well quit

Not trying to hit

A nerve or reaction

Just pulling my fraction

Of common humanity

To contribute sanity,

To a world of pure greed,

So I find the need,

To say what I see,

Though it will be,

The downfall of me.

Yet, this bothers me naught,

As I know my thought

Process is of value,

So let me allow you,

The benefit of knowledge,

And I may have a few college

Degrees, but that ain’t why

I have value you can’t buy.

No one but life, can teach what I preach. Stack letters after my name. But that ain’t to blame for my inability, for sensibility. Call me crazy or loud. Only myself to make proud.

So I won’t stop, won’t end. Never done, pretend.

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