May I escape?

I write to please,

Nah I don’t appease

Unless I’m on my knees,

But you’ll never see that.

I don’t hit the floor,

I run out the door.

When I see you coming,

No not cumming, and don’t disrespect the engine Cummings.

What matters most to me?

As a person I respect said – “I do whatever I want whenever I want and I love it”

I wish I could,

But I do what I should.

I take the tests, change spark plugs, watch my team.

Then I stream, sometimes, even if it hurts me.

See – I don’t have the fear they mean.

I’ll keep being ostentatious

Oh I know I can be outrageous

Nah that just rhymed.

I am well timed.

I don’t shout or get rude,

And I don’t need a tude.

Happy with me,

I don’t need you to see.

I’ll always write,

Always play,

Maybe you’ll see the day,

That I pown you.

Oh wait, I just did.

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