Effortlessly Unbearable

Avoid them, at an arms length

Destroy any chance.

When I have them, I lose strength,

All it takes is a glance.

Then they’re in my life,

Presence only strife.

Energy eaters,

Life beaters.

Voice is hoarse,

Another course,

I swallow down,

For another round.

Tit for tat,

This and that.

Argue, fight, make it right. To play another day. Just to fight away. The loneliness, to be okay. There must be a better way.

Or it’s useless, this I can’t stress, enough already. My heart is heavy. I need no one. People are no fun. They’re out to harm, so raise alarm.

No chance to be near, I will just steer clear.

I’ll write my music, recite my words, keep my track, avoid attack. At least in person, it will only worsen. The path I’m on, just to be gone.

Escape awaits me, that’s what fate seems.

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