But, Yes I Love Sports

I may be a chick

But when I see a hit

A pass, a play, I can’t delay

My enthusiasm

When I know what has em

Is fighting to win, despite those who sin.

Some of us know how

To simply wow

We fight it, to get that

Feeling of making it

Because they won’t here you

Eat up all their spit

The feeling of lacking

Though you constantly backing

What you say

To be equal

But we can only play prequel

To their show

You do know

We can’t match

It’s a batch

Of privileged

We never judged

But they do

So conclude.

We will never be

What they only see,

Limited like education

An entire, whole nation.

That’s hates, berates, eliminates.

No claim, can’t have fame, always to blame. I have no name. Wasn’t allowed one, it’s no fun, being on the run. But we have to spit fast just to last.

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