The Ability to Grow

They sometimes say “the more you know”.

The more you know the more you grow.

But is that the case?

Or just part of the race?

Knowledge should mean empathy.

But sometimes growth inside of me,

Means taking falls,

Losing calls.

I live in a childlike wonder for life,

My pain I let fall away, no strife.

Some call me Alice, a girl too curious, always seeking more.

This role I accept, as I never bore.

How can one be bored when there is so much to know?

Why would you stagnant, when we continue to grow?

Naive, trusting, kind, and lusting.

The things I am consistently named.

None I dislike, why could I be blamed?

I’ll never bore of being more. Wanting more. Needing more.

I may never find another like me.

I want no future generations bore from me.

The last of my kind, I will not pass on,

The knowledge and ability I have come to recognize.

Knowledge is not power, it is pain.

Pain is power. If ever you feel that you cannot continue. Know that strength is in you. Comfort is complacency. I have none of that in me.

But still I wonder, I think, I dream.

I am exactly what I seem. Just a girl is all, I don’t want to grow up, I’ve seen it all. But still, I want more. Just to explore.

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