Alpha Omega

I’m the alpha omega

So you never will pegga

Thing on me that I can’t see.

Get a freaking degree.

I got many, that ain’t bragging.

Paid em up and some still lagging.

Education institution.

Because of our constitution.

Would fight em without gold plaquing,

if that wasn’t made for backing.

Words I used to fear to state,

but I won’t lose my gate.

I’ll keep rapping,

what I’m capping.

Which is nada,

So don’t bother.

I won’t sell out,

never did.

I may follow, just to swallow

pills I don’t want,

because conformity

is just the norm for me.

But I’ll change it,

And I won’t let,

Y’all stop me, try to crop me.

Use, abuse me, and confuse me.

Y’all ain’t shit, I don’t need a hit. Or a rhythm, or a notion. My natural potion, is my intellect. So you can correct, your real problem. That I’m not them. Hate, berate, accuse, placate.

Face yourselves before you harm. Realize it ain’t me you farm. Get your fame, put me to blame.

Then see what happens.

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