My Raps May Be Poetry

Labels change us

Maybe that’s sus?


For generations.

Keeping people down,

Cause you can’t come round,

To face your selfish

Facade of no clue,

You hold no value.

Chicks can’t compete,

Y’all think you’re leet.

I’m here to say,

I won’t go away.

Nothing to fear now,

As I tell you how,

I’ve been through hell,

But I won’t dwell.

I know it ain’t the end,

I’ll suffer all you send.

I’m done denying,

That shit you buying.

Greed, lust, and hate.

I’m done being irate.

I’ll just keep you up to date.

Maybe it kills me.

But that’s what thrills me.

And yes I just rhymed me.

So what?

Don’t you see?

In all my lines,

Useless rhymes,

A message to unfold,

One that she must hold.

A secret code

To relieve a load

She can never reveal,

But through this she may heal.

A knight in black,

No armor on her back.

Only one thing,

She hopes words may bring.


Throughout this nation.

No proclamation.

Just pain, out in prose.

To help how it goes.

I’m done being silenced,

No need to be violenced.

Steal my creativity.

Money means naught to me.

I’m here to be better.

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