I am here to piss the world off

Yes. Just what I said. I am here to say things I am not supposed to say. I am here to leave a mark. I don’t fear the cost. I’ve paid in spades all my life. Read if you want truth. Shy away if you are weak. Only truth I speak.

All these haters tried to date her.

Thrown away like balls of paper.

Useless minds without a clue.

The time will come, you’ll pay the due.

Karma ain’t shit, when you fake spit, holds no value.

Media may sue, politicians, no contrition.

One of these days y’all be wishing, you listened up.

But you’re still missing.

All the point to all my rhymes.

Bring your criticism, all that narcissism.

Because you fear my wisdom.

I fear nothing, that’s what you don’t see.
Once held pain deep inside of me.

Now I have a plan.

To take down the man.

Which one? You’ll see. My pain is gone from me.

Stay tuned for the sequel, cause this ain’t a prequel. Next episode on fire, said I ain’t no liar.


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